Reference list:
Uni kristal d.o.o. is a company for technical design and counceling. We are an independant
Slovenian company, established in 1996, with a strong technical tradition in:
- planning and production of machinery and equipment,
- making prototypes of any kind,
- machinery re-making,
- machinery and production start-ups.

Apart from 4 permanently employed construction technicians, we are regularly cooperating with specialist, covering the areas of
- electroinstalations,
- automatisation,
- machinery and equipment production,
- other specialists depending on the nature of the project.

Thanks to our wide range technology and automatisation knowledge, as well as the technical
know-how, we are importantly participating to the industry improvements by:
- conceptual projecting,
- making prototypes of any kind,
- custom-made machinery,
- recording the existing production lines and their optimisation,
- reconstructing and maintaining the existing machines and devices...

Parallelly to our specialisation, we have developed our own products like process filters and mechanical expanding shafts; all in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.
The vicinity of a strong paper industry and the knowledge of paper production technology,
enable us strategic cooperation at paper machinery re-makings:
- re-making of linear slicers,
- improvements of unwinder and reeling devices,
- guide rolls,
- blade production and blade drives,
- system for capturing water drops (after dandy roll),
- dandy roll
- sealing systems with bearing aplication at the drive of the mixer,
- suction pipes on the paper machine,
- suction of trim,
- devices for waxing paper...
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