Preparation of technical documentation

Preparation of technical documentation according to client's conceptual solutions.
Technical documentation can be prepared on the basis of:
- the client's ideas,
- conceptual model,
- technical solutions.
We also produce technical documentation for existing solutions.

Development and design

Development, design and production of dedicated machines, devices and prototypes.

With many years of experience in the field of design and production of prototypes, dedicated machines and devices, modifications and upgrades of production lines, we can produce:
- conceptual designs of dedicated machines of devices and prototypes,
- design and production of dedicated machines, devices and prototypes,
- upgrading of existing machines and devices,
- design of the machine based on the final product.

Reverse engineering

Definition of reverse engineering is production of technical documentation based on existing pieces or devices.
Main reasons for reverse engineering are:
- assistance with machine breakdown,
- unavailability of original spare parts,
- problems with existing design of the machine or device,
- reliability of existing parts or machine,
- analysis of competition’s machines and devices,
- lost documentation,
- machine or device does not meet safety standards (CE).

PDesign and manufacture of production lines

For production of the product, according to the customer's requirements, we design and manufacture complete production lines with workplaces and machines. We offer:
- conceptual design of production line,
- choice of production line transport,
- installation of machines and devices and adaptation of existing machines to new production line.