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Uni kristal d.o.o.
Pot heroja Trtnika 39, SI-1261 Ljubljana - Dobrunje

Since its establishment, in 1996, we have been engaged in the design, construction and production of plans for dedicated machines, devices and prototypes adapted to the production and technological process of the customer. If desired, we can also use existing equipment and at the same time follow internal standards so that maintenance costs are lower and that the costs of additional training are reduced.

Due to our presence in various industries and branches, we can offer you a wide range of technical solutions and improvements..

The company's goal is to provide technical support in product development, development of dedicated machines and devices and with design and construction or conversion of production lines.

Pot heroja Trtnika 39
SI-1261 Ljubljana - Dibrunje

T: +386 1 5283 823

VAT: SI71178074
ID: 5904382000