Cooling Tunnel

Cooling tunnel is intended for continuous cooling of workpieces.
Workpieces are placed on pallets that are transported through the tunnel.
Cooling tunnel consists of:
- base with integrated conveyor, drive and electronics,
- cooling tunnel,
- condensing unit (dislocated unit).
Advantage of the system is in flexibility of the shape of the conveyor with pallets and the possibility of installing several cooling chambers (cooling with different temperatures). In this way, it is possible to easily integrate other automatic processing equipment.

Linear XZ and Cartesian robot XYZ

Linear XZ and Cartesian robot XYZ for heavier loads 30+ kg.

Construction allows transfer of larger loads with high positioning accuracy and with higher speeds. Usual XZ or XYZ axis configuration can be additionally equipped with two more axes. The system is highly flexible and has been developed as a robotic line to be integrated into an existing production process.


For the needs of gripping the workpieces of our manufactured manipulators and Cartesian robots, we design grippers for internal and external grips (pneumatic or electric driven grippers)

Hydraulic press

Construction of the press allows installation on the production line, where pallets with workpieces travel through the press. The press is a four-stem hydraulic press with a pressing and holding cylinder, which enables even and controlled press-fit.
Through the control system, it is possible to set the operation of the press (automatic, step and service) and monitor the measured parameters, such as:
- measurement of pressure force,
- measuring the displacement of the pressure cylinder,
- monitoring the speed of movement (time),
- storing and transmitting data to the system.

Horizontal press

The press is intended for compression or press-fitting of workpieces in a horizontal direction meaning that the movement of the plow is in the horizontal direction. A servomotor is used for driving the compression, and a spindle is used for transmission.

The control system allows the setting of technical parameters:
- nominal pressure,
- press-fit depth,
- compression force, force measurement resolution is 2N,
- data archiving.

Pneumatic press

For the needs of production, we produce special pneumatic presses, guillotines, which are adapted to the purpose and place of installation (existing lines…).

Process filter

The F120 process filter is designed for continuous filtration of the medium (suspension) with automatic rinsing. Advantages of the process filter:
- easy installation and use,
- possibility of parallel installation (production of filter assemblies),
- minimum working volume,
- filter mesh size from 50μm,
- constant pressure difference,
- automatic rinsing,
- low operating costs.

Sampling valve

The VZ40 sampling valve is intended for sampling suspensions from pipes. It is characterized by:
- easy to use,
- robust construction,
- easy installation,
- easy to clean,
- low maintenance costs.

Cord coating

The device is intended for coating the cord with glue and winding it on a reel. The device consists of a frame with mounted device assemblies:
- unwinding system,
- coating chamber, EX zone,
- drying chamber, EX zone,
- winding system.
All electric motor drives and sensors are mounted outside the coating and drying chamber and are not EX versions.

Inserting the sealing cord

The device is designed for automatic insertion of the sealing cord into the grooves. It consists of:
- feeder holder with unwinding part,
- feeding device with automation.

The operation of the device is automatic and allows:
- groove start and end detection,
- adding glue to the groove (optional),
- dynamic seal feed rate control.

Cord cutting device

The cord cutting device is intended for cutting the cord to a pre-set cord length. Various knives can be installed on the device (rotating, fixed, heating).

The feed drive is designed with an electric motor gearbox or a pneumatic cylinder.

Gluing tape to the side of the panel

The device is intended for gluing the tape to the side of the panel. The device is an independent unit on which individual systems are located, namely:
- unwinding system for unwinding the base tape,
- system for unwinding the protective tape from the base tape,
- adhesive tape unwinding system (1 set),
- push lever.



A welder is a device for gluing tapes. It consists of a supporting frame on which two movable tables with a heater are mounted. The movable tables move along linear guides with the help of a pneumatic cylinder. A tape holder is mounted on each table. The length of an individual movable table is 500 mm. The heater is mounted on rails and is moved by means of a pneumatic cylinder. A hood is mounted above the device for extraction of hot air.

Heating table

The heating table is intended for heating the panel (acrylic glass) before bending. The table consists of the following sets:
- load-bearing frame (any width),
- adjustable backrest with pneumatic grips,
- electric heater (bottom – top) with adjustable height max. temp 300°C.

Loading platform

Loading platform

The platform is intended for automatic loading of goods on a truck.

Goods are pre-loaded on the platform and are then transported to pre-possitioned truck.


Conveyor belt scraper

A belt scraper is a system of three scrapers mounted on support brackets attached to a belt frame. The body of the individual scraper is made of a standard steel profile, mounted with spherical bearings on a support bracket. A scraper is attached on each body of the scraper (material and shape is adapted to the application) with screws.